Serena & Lily’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Serena & Lily, one of my preferred retailers, consistently offers remarkable Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that boast their most competitive prices of the year. In 2023, they provided a massive 25% discount on …

Serena & Lily’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Serena & Lily, one of my preferred retailers, consistently offers remarkable Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that boast their most competitive prices of the year. In 2023, they provided a massive 25% discount on everything, including sale items, marking their most substantial sitewide reduction in two years. The previous year, in 2022, they extended a 20% discount alongside free shipping, effectively amounting to roughly 25% off, depending on your order. For 2023, they’re back with a generous 25% discount – you can explore their sale [here]. This sale event extends through Cyber Monday, and while the possibility of additional discounts, such as free shipping on Cyber Monday, remains uncertain, I’ll keep you posted if any Cyber Monday promotions surface.

Ever since Serena & Lily established their store in Westport, CT (and even a bit earlier than that, truth be told), I’ve been captivated by their fresh, stylish, yet comfortably coastal design. Over time, I’ve gradually incorporated several of their furniture pieces and accessories into my home, ranging from pillows, lighting, wallpaper, bedding, and more. Below, I’d like to showcase some of the Serena & Lily products that have found a cherished place in my home.

For Your Kitchen…

During the process of planning our kitchen remodel, I had countless changes of heart, but my decision to include Serena & Lily’s Riviera Counter Stools in Fog (available [here](insert stool link)) remained unwavering. These stools had been on my radar for an extended period, and they did not disappoint once they graced our kitchen. They provide unexpected comfort and excellent back support. Since my kitchen essentially doubles as my office, I found myself comfortably seated in these stools for several hours each day, diligently working on my laptop.

At the opposite end of our kitchen, I have adorned our kitchen table with the enchanting Capiz Honeycomb Pendant (find it [here](insert pendant link)). I opted for the smaller of the two sizes (22.5″), and its illumination is perfect for dining, offering adequate lighting without the glare.

In addition, I acquired the 48″ round Downing Dining Table from Serena & Lily for the eat-in section of our kitchen in NC, along with two additional woven side chairs to accompany the two we already owned. To complement this setup, I installed a large woven pendant above the table, completing the breakfast nook’s inviting atmosphere.

In our NC residence, we proudly display the exquisite counter stools, which are even more stunning in person than depicted online.

For Your Living Room…

Introducing different textures to a room is pivotal in achieving a designer-worthy ambiance. Therefore, when we revamped our family room, I decided to bring in Serena & Lily’s rattan armchair. I’ve been highly satisfied with this choice. While it benefits from an additional pillow on the back for added comfort (a 24″ size is an ideal fit), it transforms into a supremely cozy chair once adorned with a pillow and cushion.

In our living room, I also feature the South Seas Bar Cart, serving not only as a bar cart but also as a versatile piece suitable for a kitchen or, in the shorter version, a nightstand. While I don’t possess a recent photograph, I can share a glimpse of it as part of our hot chocolate bar during the holidays a few years ago.

For Your Bedroom…

I own and treasure the Camp Stools, which are available in various color options. A pair of these stools adds the perfect finishing touch to the foot of a king or queen bed.

In our NC guest room, Serena & Lily products take center stage, from the bedding to the mirror and pillows. These elements collectively contribute to the room’s refreshing blue and white coastal theme.

Additionally, while these items can be placed in any room of your home, I’ve opted for the La Jolla Basket in medium size for my daughter’s room, employing it as a chic laundry hamper. Notably, it doesn’t snag clothes, and its aesthetics are truly delightful.

I previously featured the larger La Jolla Basket in our master bathroom, where it also served admirably as a hamper.

For Any Room… I dedicated an entire post to Serena & Lily wallpaper due to my profound adoration for it. One of my all-time favorite wallpapers, the Feather Wallpaper in French Blue (available [here](insert wallpaper link)), embellishes our bonus room, exuding a playful yet refined charm.

Additionally, I’ve employed a statement-making wallpaper to line the back of our bookcases, imparting a sense of sophistication to the room.

One of my most recent acquisitions is the Blake Raffia Console, gracing our foyer. The Luna stripe wallpaper in our foyer beautifully complements this console, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

As I’m sure you’re aware, my decorating approach involves a blend of high-end and budget-friendly items. Serena & Lily furnishings may lean toward the higher end of the spectrum, but I’ve never regretted a single purchase due to the timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship of their pieces. I hope you find one or more items to adore from their collection!

To conclude, here are some of my current favorites from Serena & Lily:

In summary, Serena & Lily offers a treasure trove of high-quality, timeless furnishings and decor that can elevate the style and comfort of any home. Happy shopping!

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