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TL;DR: SSENSE is a fashion e-commerce brand founded in 2003, based in Montreal, Canada, offering luxury and streetwear clothing for both men and women, shipping to over 150 countries. The brand has a substantial online …


TL;DR: SSENSE is a fashion e-commerce brand founded in 2003, based in Montreal, Canada, offering luxury and streetwear clothing for both men and women, shipping to over 150 countries. The brand has a substantial online presence with a million followers on Instagram and features in notable media outlets.

They pride themselves on original, high-quality products at competitive prices. While their prices are relatively high, they are lower compared to designer stores. Customer satisfaction drives their global expansion, with millions of monthly page views and double-digit growth annually.

Customer reviews on platforms like SiteJabber and Trustpilot show mixed opinions. Many customers praise their fast shipping and product quality, while a few have encountered issues like delayed shipments and occasional customer service problems.

Overall, SSENSE offers authentic products at attractive prices, although some customers have faced minor issues. Despite this, it remains a trusted option for luxury fashion items, with a wide range of renowned brands available. The brand offers free shipping on certain orders and has a flexible return policy for select regions, making it a worthwhile consideration for fashion enthusiasts seeking designer items at discounted rates.

SSENSE, the Montreal-based e-commerce fashion retailer established in 2003, stands out as a distinctive brand situated in Montreal, Canada. Offering a diverse array of clothing, spanning luxury brands, streetwear, and extravagant labels for both women and men, SSENSE has expanded its global reach, shipping products to over 150 countries.

With a robust online presence, SSENSE boasts a substantial following of 1 million on Instagram and 825k on Facebook. The brand has garnered media attention from platforms such as Medium, CTV News, Canada NewsWire, and Flare.

This comprehensive SSENSE review aims to provide an in-depth perspective on the brand, covering insights into their products, customer ratings, reviews, promotions, and more, to facilitate informed decision-making.

Overview of SSENSE SSENSE, a Montreal-based fashion powerhouse, caters to a worldwide clientele, presenting a spectrum of luxury clothing, streetwear, children’s apparel, sports accessories, home equipment, skincare, and beyond. Emphasizing originality and top-notch quality, SSENSE focuses on creating products that entice customers and ensure their utmost satisfaction.

Positioned as an online marketplace, SSENSE boasts of selling luxury brand products at notably reduced prices compared to designer stores. While their products may lean toward higher pricing, they remain relatively more affordable than traditional designer outlets.

The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction has propelled its global expansion, serving over 150 countries. Their website garners an average of 76 million monthly page views, fostering consistent double-digit annual growth since its inception.

Having cultivated a robust customer base, trust, and an extensive product range since 2003, SSENSE, despite its notable positives, does have some drawbacks, which we’ll explore in this candid review of SSENSE clothing.

Pros and Cons Pros:

Availability of over 400 designer products at retail prices. Luxury brand items offered at more competitive rates than other retailers. Wishlist feature enabling users to save preferred items for later purchase. Wide selection of products on sale. Cons:

Occasional issues with customer service and delayed shipping. In the following sections of this SSENSE clothing review, we’ll delve into their men’s and women’s clothing categories to uncover the diverse styles offered by the brand.

SSENSE Men’s Clothing At SSENSE, men can explore an extensive array of trendy clothing styles. The brand caters to various fashion tastes, encompassing streetwear, formal wear, elegance, casual wear, and more.

SSENSE Clothing for Men includes jackets, coats, jeans, pants, shirts, shorts, suits, blazers, sweaters, swimwear, tops, and underwear & loungewear.

SSENSE Shoes cover boat shoes, moccasins, boots, espadrilles, lace-ups, loafers, monk straps, sandals, and sneakers.

SSENSE Bags range from backpacks, briefcases, duffle bags, messenger bags, pouches, document holders, tote bags, to travel bags.

SSENSE Accessories encompass belts, suspenders, blankets, dog accessories, eyewear, gloves, hats, jewelry, keychains, pocket squares, tie bars, scarves, socks, souvenirs, tech gadgets, ties, towels, umbrellas, wallets, card holders, and watches.

SSENSE Women’s Clothing For women, SSENSE presents a diverse collection of trendy clothing across various styles suitable for both casual and non-casual occasions. Their range caters to diverse needs, whether it’s for a night out, lounging at home, or embarking on a new adventure.

SSENSE Clothing for Women includes activewear, dresses, jackets, coats, jeans, jumpsuits, lingerie, pants, shorts, skirts, sweaters, swimwear, and tops.

SSENSE Shoes offer boots, flats, heels, sandals, and sneakers.

SSENSE Bags feature backpacks, clutches, pouches, duffle bags, top handle bags, messenger bags, satchels, shoulder bags, tote bags, and travel bags.

SSENSE Accessories encompass bag accessories, belts, suspenders, blankets, cosmetic cases, dog accessories, eyewear, fine jewelry, gloves, hats, jewelry, keychains, scarves, socks, tech gadgets, towels, umbrellas, wallets, card holders, and watches.

SSENSE Clothing Reviews: Customer Feedback Throughout this SSENSE review, we’ve examined a plethora of real customer reviews to gain insights into their experiences. Our research uncovered a mix of highly satisfied and dissatisfied customers, providing us with a comprehensive view that can guide your decision-making process.

On SiteJabber, SSENSE holds around 900 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars. Conversely, Trustpilot showcases over 39k reviews, boasting an average rating of 4.4 stars. Furthermore, Glassdoor houses over 400 reviews, with an average rating of 3.7, collectively offering a broader understanding of the brand’s reputation.

Many customers expressed contentment with the expedited shipping, praising SSENSE for swift deliveries. For instance, one customer remarked, “The shipment arrived very quickly to my home in Los Angeles. It was packaged so neatly, which elevated the experience.”

Another customer lauded, “They sent my order the day I ordered it, and I received them the next day. The package came discreetly, which I love because I have had shoes stolen in the past.”

However, a dissenting voice raised concerns about missing items in their package, citing frustration over a prolonged investigation period: “I received a package that is missing one item. The package is in good condition. It is very likely that SSENSE just forgot to put it in it! This is not my fault, but I need to wait 2-4 weeks for an investigation?”

In contrast, another reviewer highlighted the brand’s excellent customer service and overall satisfaction: “Immediate and friendly customer service. They always make sure to handle any issues fairly and fast and have amazing prices and discounts!”

Moreover, customers applauded the affordability of SSENSE products compared to other retailers. One review mentioned, “Despite the horrible negative comments, I decided to give SSENSE a shot since only they have the shoes I want to buy with such a steal price. Excellent packaging, excellent quality, and super fast.”

To conclude this SSENSE clothing review, a substantial majority of reviewers expressed satisfaction with product quality, pricing, fast shipping, and commendable customer service. While there were a few complaints, notably regarding delayed shipping and occasional customer service issues, the resolution of these concerns was appreciated.

Is SSENSE Clothing Worth It?

Through this SSENSE review, we aim to help you ascertain whether investing in SSENSE clothing aligns with the value you seek, ensuring a worthwhile shopping experience.

Following a thorough investigation, we find SSENSE to be a reliable clothing company that offers excellent value for the money spent. Notably, a significant number of customers voiced satisfaction with their SSENSE clothing purchases, outweighing those with minimal or no satisfaction.

SSENSE emerges as a trusted retailer for acquiring a variety of luxury fashion items at notably reduced prices compared to both other retailers and the original brands themselves.

While a few customers experienced shipping delays, their satisfaction upon receiving their orders signifies that SSENSE is worth considering, especially if slight delays aren’t a significant concern. Investing in luxury designer clothing through SSENSE can substantially save you money.

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